The Trivae Girls

We met while working our very first "real" jobs on Wall Street. After years of knowing one another, it was a surprise to discover that we each had our own inventors' notebooks stashed away and plans of "one day" starting our own ventures! So we decided to start a venture together instead and build a company based on our passion for designing products that solve every day problems in a unique and interesting way and bringing those products to life. Trivae is the first of these products on the market.

"As for Trivae's creation story, it goes something like this...One day, three friends finally got tired of trying to figure out where to put their pot lids while stirring or adding more ingredients. Always afraid of ruining a countertop or burning themselves, they were on the hunt for something functional, but found nothing. So they decided to create it themselves - a product that would not only be useful for holding lids but would also fold flat for storage. And while they were at it, they added a few other tools...and voilà, Trivae was born!" 

Svetlana Zhitnitsky

Fairfax, VA

After years spent immersed in financial services while harboring new product ideas and secret dreams of entrepreneurship in her head, Svetlana finally took the plunge and hasn't looked back. Part inventor, part aspiring chef and an all around analytical soul, she keeps the team and the business organized. 

Rebecca Brei

Omaha, NE

A seasoned hedge fund analyst, with nine years of experience in the US and Europe, Rebecca decided it was high time to take the advice she has been giving others and start a business of her own. Inventor, analyst, pilot-in-training and aspiring jazz singer, Rebecca is often found entertaining friends and family with international, and sometimes edible, fare.


Ruslana Zhitnitsky

Fairfax, VA

Never thought to find herself as part inventor and part entrepreneur... Pharmacist by education, science-oriented by nature, without a "single creative bone" (and that is a direct quote) but with a passion to cook for and entertain friends and family. One day, while cooking, Ruslana unexpectedly had a "light bulb moment" totally inspired by her sister Svetlana's directive to "look for solutions, instead of complaining." And thus the idea was born. Her art-trained engineer husband drew the first Trivae and the rest, as the saying goes, is history...